About Athena Ltd.

Athena De-addiction Treatment & Counseling Center

ATHENA LTD. is a licensed & Govt. approved super-specialty well-being and mental health care organization in Bangladesh, which offers scientific treatment for various behavioral disorders like different types of Addiction & Mental illness. For Addiction Athena has in-patient service as well as outdoor facilities. For other mental health disorders, Athena is providing only outdoor facilities.

  • Out-patient consultation
  • In-patient consultation
  • In-patient care
  • In-House Facility
  • After care
  • Psychotherapy & Counseling
  • Tele Consultancy & Tele Counseling

Our Vision

To be a recognized leader in the provision of high quality, innovative harm reduction facilities and supportive strategies for individuals living suffering from the devastating effects of drug addiction.

Our Mission

“Athena’s mission is to improve Addiction treatment options globally, and provide low-cost, high-quality and effective treatment to all those able to access it”

Our Values

  • Complete confidentiality
  • Direct and open communication
  • All rounded support
  • Making service quality top priority in all we do

Why Choose us

A clinic run by renowned psychiatrists, psychologists & counselors where we ensure to provide de- addiction treatment, Psychotherapy & Counseling service in a family environment.