We understand your need for comfort, tranquility, luxury, as much as security. That’s why each of our guest spaces is designed with a combination of natural aesthetics and modern technology for recuperation. Soothing shades of white and beige offer the harmonious simplicity needed for a restful experience.

Category: 1: Single AC Deluxe Room

Facilities: Attach Bath, Daily Fruits, Personal Cabinet, LED TV, Newspaper Magazine

@BDT 4,000 /per day

Category: 2: Twin Sharing AC Deluxe Room

Facilities: Attach Bath, Personal Cabinet, LED TV, Newspaper Magazine

@BDT 3,500 /per day

Category: 3: Three Sharing Non- AC Deluxe Room

Facilities: LED TV, Newspaper, Common Bath

@BDT 3,000 /per day

Category: 4: Twin Sharing Non-AC Deluxe Large Room

Facilities: LED TV, Newspaper

@BDT 2,500 /per day


The Package value include the services stated below:

Room charges & Food

24 Hours medical Services, Nursing and Supervision of Skill attendants.

Group Therapy session by addiction Counselors & Psychologists.

Yoga, Gym & Meditation

Weekly Support Group Program

Family Counseling Session.


Others charges Excluding the Package Value:

All Necessary Diagnostic Charges

Medicine & Medical Consultancy

Cost of Escorting ( If required)

Necessary Strip Test

Personal Laundry & Saloon Services

Service Charge @10% of Package Value.